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Although Clean & Lean started as a way to help women lose weight, it’s transformed into something far greater. We help women learn their value, we teach people to love themselves, their body and their life so they have the desire to take care of themselves through healthy life choices and stick to the choices they make. We’ve helped hundreds of women find a cleaner lifestyle, physically, mentally and spiritually.

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We have several ways to help you live the life you want. Carisa has been a TV personality for over 5 years on Fox teaching people how to live a healthier life, she's been a motivational speaker at some of MN's largest corporations, she's developed online curriculums to help you reach your goals, and she teaches a few people individually through her one on one virtual programs. Lastly, Carisa hosts two events annually with a limited number of seats. Her goal is to always give you the time, attention and information you need to fuel your goals and to feel valued.

Carisa Rasmussen
Clean & Lean Founder

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