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Carisa has helped thousands of people create a winning mindset so they can accomplish any goal.

Carisa has not only been an on air TV contributor for the past seven years on the Fox network, but she's also been a keynote presenter at both local and national events. She's created a product line to enhance both her programs and presentations that are both easy to use, and help create simple yet effective change in our lives. Carisa's presentations and programs are popular because she knows how to create a comfortable atmosphere and tools that are simple. People who have never finished a program in their life finally have something that they walk away with as a fisher. Her audiences in both her presentations, laugh, cry, and feel like champions when they leave. Her concepts and programs are simply launching pads to allow people to know they have what takes to accomplish any goal. Health related goals, personal goals, and professional goals.

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Carisa helps people gain energy, gain focus, gain confidence, be more joyful and more productive. She does this by first working on the way we think and perceive ourselves. She works on the story we are constantly telling ourselves. Then she works on the gut with simple tools to getting better nutrition on our lives. And last she works on getting more movement in our lives. She helps us create routines that cultivate and environment of productivity, less stress and more joy. Corporate health programs have hired and rehired Carisa because her concepts and simple and her motivation is real. She truly believes that everyone has the ability to be healthy and happy. Her keynote presentations have received powerful accolades for making people believe they have all the tools they need to live a full life.

Carisa Rasmussen
Clean & Lean Founder

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