What To Do About Night Time Munchies?

Night time munching is so hard for so many of us. Start and finish your evening with this post in mind. You are worth it! We are on this journey together.  Instead of munching on a bunch of junk try these things  1. Drink a cup of calming tea2. Drink water3. Make some egg whites (throw… read more

You Are What You Eat

I have worked with so many people that want to start working out, but don’t want to make changes in their diet. I have a rule that I will try to speak everything out of love and kindness, so this is about as harsh as I will ever get when I‘m speaking the truth to… read more

Take Time For You

Sometimes as Mom’s and Dads, family members or friends, we forget to put ourselves first. We get so wrapped up in making sure everyone around us is taken care of first. This isn’t a bad thing, it’s just how we are wired. We want the people we love to find success as much as we… read more

Free Food Is Not Calorie Free

I’m a major cheapo. If I’m shopping, I always go to the clearance rack first, I love garage sales, and the outlet mall is a fave of mine.  I say this to help you understand that when I’m at the store and they are handing out FREE samples, it takes everything in me to walk… read more

Do I Always Eat Clean?

I have had quite a few people ask me how often I eat clean and lean. I want you all to be successful in your journey so I want to be honest with you.  I have a goal to hit a 85-90% range of eating clean and organic every day. When training for a show… read more

Food Prep

I have lost a lot of weight, and one of the keys to my success has been food prep. I try to stay away from as much processed food as possible (I will explain more in later post).  Most things that I cook, I cook in bulk. I don’t have time to cook every single… read more

A New Way To look At Coconut

I remember when coconut was a food that people wanted to stay away from because it contains saturated fat. Now it’s true beauty has been revealed and we know that not all saturated fats are bad. In fact, it seems like coconut might go down in the hall of fame as one of God’s miracle… read more

The Start Of A New Journey

This is the start of my new journey! Most of you know that I have lost a lot of weight (between 75 and 85 Lb’s), but more importantly I lost it in a healthy way. I got lean by eating clean and exercising. I had to change the way I think about myself, the food… read more