The Secret Is In the Sauce!

When the new the New Year starts  the chicken and extra lean turkey start selling out in the local grocery store like hot cakes. I wonder if they stock extra of the lean meats in January?…  About a month and a half into a resolution the chicken starts talking to you like an adult on Charlie Brown. Wahhwahwahwahhhwwwwaa.

Every year in February it’s inevitable.. I get at least a dozen emails that say, “I can’t eat another piece of chicken to save my life!” That’s about the time when pizza and spaghetti start looking really good again and the your resolution is a distant memory, similar to algebra.

I always ask what the individual is doing for their meals, and it’s almost always the same things. “I make salt and pepper chicken for my salads, I like salsa chicken, turkey chili and turkey burgers. Maybe a few more dishes sprinkled in between, but it’s almost always a combination of five, maybe six meals that they they rotate.

Who wouldn’t get sick of that!? Few people can survive on eating the same things over and over. You’ll certainly lose weight that way, but you might also lose your sanity.

My solution is always sauces. You can eat the same proteins, veggies, zoodles and ancient grain dishes and just change up the sauces, rubs and spices that you put on top.

If you can find a combination of 15 sauces, spice mixes and rubs that you love, you can make chicken night the best night of the week. Your bland dish turns into a Mexican fiesta, or an Asian lunar new year, or just a burst of flavor other the same old thing you’ve been eating for the last month.

I will typically have at least a few rubs pre-mixed and on hand and a few different sauces in the fridge ready for dipping, spreading or drenching.

Most sauces will last at least a week in the fridge so you can typically make a few of them that you can switch up during the week. You can also free them to be able to switch them up more often.

dry rubs last at least a few months. I will sometimes keep dry rubs for up to six months, but that would be a major faux pas for some people.

Here are some of my favorite sauces from some other blogs! Feel free to share yours in the comments section of my blog. Even if it’s one that you’ve created on your blog! I’d love to try them and add them to my arsenal.

  • Who doesn’t love greek chicken with tzatziki sauce! Here’s a great recipe to add to your list of yummies! My greek salads generally include, greens, tomatoes, red onions, chick peas and tzatziki sauce.
  • Or how about some peanut sauce for your chicken and veg! I can get a little obsessed with peanut sauce. Or just maybe peanut butter in general. Peanut sauce is great with a variety of vegetables and proteins. Take your pick! Serve your great dish over a bed of quinoa to boot!
  • There’s a reason this recipe for curry is called nom nom! I love curry so much that this might be one that I could eat for days in a row! Nom, nom! Enjoy!
  • BBQ sauce is kind of an American tradition! I have my own sauce, but I really love this one too! Tiffany from Gracious Pantry pretty much has a recipe for everything. I know you’ll enjoy this one!
  • If you love spinach dip as much as I do I suggest putting it on top of your chicken for a surprise that tastes a lot like your favorite happy hour treat!
  • I love sweet caramelized onions as much as the next gal and it sure does taste amazing on my chicken, or even as a dip with some cucumbers!!! This dip is great every day of the week and twice on Sunday.
  • Want something totally different with your protein and veg!? Try this roasted red pepper nutty dip!

And remember, there’s always store bought goodies! As long as you are buying healthy, real dressings, dips and rubs it’s perfectly ok to purchase something pre-made. I love the Salad Girl brand dressings. They have about six different flavors that I use on my chicken when I start getting board with what I have on hand.

Remember to share your recipes with us too! We’d love to hear how you spice up your routine!