Raquel R.


What I love about Carisa’s Building Strength and Confidence course is that regardless of where you are in life, you will learn something and benefit from it. I’m an overall pretty healthy person. I try to exercise regularly and eat as clean as possible. However, I still have gained so much from this class. I… read more

Laura B.


This was a great learning experience on several levels. I had already been doing many of the things we did, but it was off and on, hit or miss, and never really gelled into a ‘program’ that seemed effective for my current body needs. Happy to say that I am down 10 lbs. since I… read more

Jodi M.


When I started this journey with Carissa I weighed 313 pounds. I thought that I had a good understanding of food and exercise, but weight loss is much more than that. During the past 12 weeks I’ve learned much more about food and more importantly about myself. I’ve learned why I haven’t been able to… read more

Shari B.


I cannot say enough about how Carisa’s Building Strength & Confidence program has influenced all aspects of my life, from the inside out.  I have never been one to be comfortable with who I am, I’ve always looked at others and wanted different aspects of their life. This program has given me the tools to… read more

Marcy B.


After completing this program I feel great! I have learned practices that put me in a good place mentally & physical. This is a great combination for achieving so many goals. I will continue to study these practices again and again until they all become natural for me to do every day, for life. The… read more

Sheri N.


I have thoroughly enjoyed this Online Building Strength and Confidence program. It has challenged me in many area of my wellness along with filled in the gaps with education and application. This program is all inclusive as it covers everything from mind, body and lifestyle. My past wellness journey has been centered on my own… read more

Kelly V.


When I started the “Building Strength & Confidence Course” I really didn’t know what to expect. I felt like I was in a fairly healthy place in regards to nutrition, I ate healthy, eliminated processed foods, minimized sugar, drank plenty of good ol’ H2o. I had started working out and my overall health was improving… read more

Christine S.


One day, by chance I met Carisa Rasmussen through a friend and I am forever grateful for this making this connection. As a middle age (gasp) mom, I am always looking for ways to learn and grow, not only for myself, but also to be a good example for my family. I try to stay… read more

Lindsey’s story

Lindsey Before and After

I thought I was a very healthy, active individual. After graduating from college in 2010 I was not at my personal best (nowhere close what I wanted to feel and look like). Adjusting to ‘adult life’ was hard for me and I felt like I had no energy sitting at a desk all day.  I… read more

Meredith’s Story


 I am 38 years old, married, and a mother to two young boys, Carson, and Logan. I began my journey after Logan was born. I was determined to get into shape and decided to train for my first marathon. It was a great challenge and a satisfying accomplishment, but I didn’t feel as fit and… read more