Apple Dessert To Share With Twist- A Spiral Twist


Is it a pie or is it a crumble? It’s a spirally twist on an old favorite! If you want your dessert to look like, and taste like a masterpiece this is the treat for your feast. Or…if you’re like me and can’t make your recipes look like Pinterest but you’d really like your goodies… read more

Best Coconut Pie Ever! Gluten Free & Dairy Free


This is my new favorite recipe. My daughter who’s not a huge fan of anything coconut loves this pie. My husband thinks it’s the perfect amount of sweet (he is as well), and my tummy happens to think it tastes a little like heaven. If you bring this treat to the party you’ll likely go… read more

Coconut Cream Whipped Cream


There’s nothing better than a pile of whipped cream on the top of your morning waffle or coffee or your afternoon clean treat! Our family has some food sensitivities so I’ve tried to keep dairy out of most of my recipes, including the treats. This recipe is filled with nutrients and leaves out the disappointing… read more

Tiny Crustless Pumpkin Pies

I’ve never met a pie that actually needed a crust. I know there are crust recipes that are better than others, but most of the time I end up eating around the crust anyway, so why not make it without!? You’re getting less carbs, less sugar, and more of the good stuff with this recipe!… read more

Horseradish Hummus deviled eggs©


This is one of my husbands and my Dads favorite side dishes at Christmas time. If you like a little spice and lots of flavor, this protein packed side dish is perfect!  Horseradish Hummus deviled eggs© Print Recipe CourseRecipes, Snacks Servings Prep Time 6 15 minutes Servings Prep Time 6 15 minutes Horseradish Hummus deviled eggs©… read more

Clean Cake©


For your next party make and serve this yummy fruit laden cake made with clean almond and coconut flour.  Clean Cake© Print Recipe CourseRecipes, Snacks Servings Prep Time 8 20 minutes Cook Time 30 minutes Servings Prep Time 8 20 minutes Cook Time 30 minutes Clean Cake© Print Recipe CourseRecipes, Snacks Servings Prep Time 8… read more

Clean Apple Oatmeal Crisp©


Who can resist fresh homemade apple crisp? This recipe is healthy and clean. I used a mixture of Regent and Haralson apples from AppleJack Orchard in Delano, MN. Clean Apple Oatmeal Crisp© Print Recipe CourseRecipes, Snacks Servings Prep Time 8 20 minutes Cook Time 30 minutes Servings Prep Time 8 20 minutes Cook Time 30… read more

Clean Caramel Corn


Clean & Lean Caramel Popcorn © Preheat your oven to 250 and set out two large cookie sheets – I like to put parchment paper on my cookie sheets for this recipe. Air pop a large bowl of popcorn. I make my own microwave popcorn by taking a brown paper bag and putting a little… read more

Heavenly Sweet Lemonade


I make this a couple times a year, a few at best. My daughter loves squeezing the juice of the lemons with an old fashioned glass juicer I got from my late grandmother. I feel like Grandma Pearl smiles from heaven every time we make it. We pour her a little glass and I tell… read more