Where The Heck Do I Even Start?

One might think when we start talking about wellness we should really start with food. After all, 80% of how you look and feel comes from what you put in your mouth. It’s been scientifically proven. However, that’s never where I start with my clients. Before any of my clients step foot in a gym, we work on our mind. 

We start here because our mind is where EVERY real change is made. Do you know how many weight loss programs I started, stopped, fell short with, and decided just didn’t work for me? I wouldn’t even know where to start counting!

The only reason the last one worked is because simply because I believed I would finish. There’s no magic diet pill or shake that will give you long term success unless you first believe you’ll accomplish your goals. 

Each time I started on a wellness journey I would literally look in the mirror and say “I’m going to           do this”, then my brain would automatically switch my thoughts to, “you know you’re going to quit just like you have every other time”, “you know you’re going fail”, “you never finish anything, who are you trying fool”. I couldn’t tell myself one positive thing without following with at least three negatives. 

At one point I looked in the mirror and realized I was sabotaging myself. How could I possibly win this battle if I didn’t even believe I could do it? 

Going against what you’re thinking is kind of an impossible feet. I knew I needed to change the words I was saying to myself. I knew I needed to believe in me before I would ever finish anything. 

So you ask what diet worked for me? What exercise program I did to lose weight? Non of that really matters. That stuff is simple. The hard part is working on what you think. How does that saying go; “whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right”. 

My best advice to you is to work on your head and heart before you start worrying about your butt. 

Here’s the best part. If you can master your thoughts, you can accomplish any goal. Wellness related, work related, relationship related, etc. It all starts in the same place. 

Come back and visit again soon. I’m looking forward to sharing more. For now, I suggest reading anything by Brene Brown. She’ll start to whip your mind into the physical shape you need before you start working on the other stuff.