Lunch Box Musts For The School Year

Admittedly my husband is the lunchbox guru. He packs 90% of the lunches during the school year and I pack lunches in the summer and for picnics. Score one point for hot husbands who pack lunches!! Yahoo!!! 

We pack pretty healthy and clean options for our little lady, but we do allow her to pick one day per month that she gets a school lunch. I know, I know, it’s not the healthiest, and she always picks the least healthy option each, but it’s a treat day for her. Maybe she’ll start doing a cleanse when she’s in high school the day after (kidding). 

I always find it hilarious when she eats a school lunch and I ask her what the veggie option was and it’s  either corn or a french fry. This often opens up a great conversation about healthy options and treats. I try not to put down school lunches entirely in front of her because I assume she’ll repeat what I say. And let’s face it, some kids on are on a free lunch program, and that’s much healthier than no food at all. I would never want my girl to make another child feel bad because they aren’t bringing their lunch to school. Good hearts are just as important as good GI tracts. 

In the  blog titled “Must Have Lunch Box Foods” I’m going to give you a list of foods that I keep on hand for easy lunch box goods, but in this one I’m going to give you the hardware to make packing a lunch box easier, and some Amazon links to get those goods delivered right to your door step. 

I’m not a huge fan of plastic, and I get nervous when I send my daughter with glass tupperware (but I do it sometimes), so stainless steel always seems to be the best option. I love divider type tupperware because it’s easy to pack and for some reason it seems easier for me to clean one thing verses three or four (I despise doing dishes). One of my favorite cute stainless lunch box products is this stainless steel lunch box divider  It’s small enough to put on the bottom of a flat bottom lunch box, it’s leak proof, the stainless insert and top are dishwasher safe and it’s cute.  I’ll give you link for the type of lunch box I use in a bit.

The thing about divider type tupperware is that it needs to be small enough to fit in the bottom of your lunch bag without having to turn it on it’s side unless it’s insulated. I’ve found that most of the “leak proof” divider tupperware only prevent leaks from getting outside the tupperware, but not inside. So your food can potentially mix together if you put it on it’s side. For example, if you’re packing yogurt and a sandwich, you sandwich is likely to be pretty mushy if you child is carrying the tupperware on it’s side. 

The type of lunch box I suggest is something like this cute lunch box where the zipper is on the top and not side opening.