Jodi M.

When I started this journey with Carissa I weighed 313 pounds. I thought that I had a good understanding of food and exercise, but weight loss is much more than that. During the past 12 weeks I’ve learned much more about food and more importantly about myself. I’ve learned why I haven’t been able to succeed with weight loss in the past. It was because I wasn’t being true to myself and I didn’t love myself enough to want to be healthy. During this course I’ve learned that I am worthy of being healthy and I deserve it. Not only for myself, but to be a role model for my children. I’ve lost 20 pounds during this course. I’ve changed the way I think about food. Instead of just reaching for that bag of chips, I think about how those chips are going to help me. They are not going to help me. There is nothing good in them that is going to help me get to my goal. The course has forever changed the way I think about food and myself. It has built up my confidence and I know that if I keep going I will achieve results. I know I have a long ways to go to get to my weight goal- but Carissa has taught me that I will get there and that I am worth it.