Kelly V.

When I started the “Building Strength & Confidence Course” I really didn’t know what to expect. I felt like I was in a fairly healthy place in regards to nutrition, I ate healthy, eliminated processed foods, minimized sugar, drank plenty of good ol’ H2o. I had started working out and my overall health was improving already. I didn’t realize it then; but something was missing. I couldn’t put my finger on it initially and I can’t tell you when the exact moment was that it clicked; but it did.  That missing component…those missing pieces, turned out to be the most important. Camaraderie, Community, Courage…Mindfulness, Compassion, Self-Care. Components…pieces that you don’t connect when you initially think of health & wellness. But…with the right guidance, the right coach, the right ambassadors, the right community. You will attain your goals, you won’t just attain them…you’ll crush them and hold onto them for a lifetime of wellness. Carisa, the ambassadors & the program are the foundation, the community, knowledge & tools are the support and the heart…well the heart fills in all of the gaps for total wellness.