Laura B.

This was a great learning experience on several levels. I had already been doing many of the things we did, but it was off and on, hit or miss, and never really gelled into a ‘program’ that seemed effective for my current body needs.

Happy to say that I am down 10 lbs. since I began the program, which is great! But even better is that I have surpassed a years long weight loss plateau and can FEEL that my metabolism has naturally kicked in. I have spent years trying to figure out WHY I don’t lose weight when I eat well, stay active, drink water, etc. I feel it was a combination of things but the steps we did here seems to have helped me gain control back.

Maybe it was mindfulness challenges that helped me to address what could have been mentally blocking my progress? I don’t know, but it seems the combination of everything (mindfulness, eating, exercise, group support) was exactly what I needed to be back in charge of my body, mind, and overall health. I learned a lot along the way. I feel back on track after years of spinning my wheels!

So thank you, thank you!