Raquel R.

What I love about Carisa’s Building Strength and Confidence course is that regardless of where you are in life, you will learn something and benefit from it. I’m an overall pretty healthy person. I try to exercise regularly and eat as clean as possible. However, I still have gained so much from this class. I have new DELICIOUS recipes, I have increased healthy habits of eating enough veggies, greens, and healthy fats, drinking plenty of water, and being more aware of that stuff we have a love -hate relationship with, sugar. I am more conscious of what I’m putting in my body.

In addition to the healthy foods and exercise, this journey focuses on you as a person and on the positive. One of my strengths is positivity, however even though I’m very positive in life and with helping others, I am definitely my worst critic. This class has helped me change my thoughts about myself and to be more aware of what those thoughts even are. Even though there are many things in life we can’t control, there is still so much that we can. I control what I put in my body, how much I exercise, what truths or lies I’m going to believe, who is in my life and or to what degree. Surround yourself with people you love, that build you up, and that you want to do life with. Carisa is one of those people you want in your life. This class allows you to be around beautiful people that encourage each other. We are a team and I’m thankful for this group.