Shari B.

I cannot say enough about how Carisa’s Building Strength & Confidence program has influenced all aspects of my life, from the inside out. 

I have never been one to be comfortable with who I am, I’ve always looked at others and wanted different aspects of their life. This program has given me the tools to be happy with who I am, how I live and be confident in myself. And, for the first time, ever, I can say I am comfortable in my own body.  I am seeing results from the inside out and happy with my progress. 

I’m learning to enjoy my journey, instead of only focusing on ‘the finish line’. I no longer feel that I am stumbling through each day without a focus, I now feel connected with the group and our collaborative journey.  I am excited to continue learning about myself and others! 

This program has provided me a whole body connection – from learning more about foods and recognizing what my body needs; understanding my sleep patterns and how to improve my sleep habits; and learning how to control my subconscious thoughts and replace negative thoughts with positive, encouraging thoughts. I have grown so much in the past 12 weeks, and I know, continuing to be mindful of the practices I’ve learned here, I will continue to progress in my wellness journey! I am very proud of the healthy habits I’ve learned to incorporate into each day!

I feel this is a very powerful program and I highly recommend it to everyone – everyone can learn healthy habits and gain insight from this experience!

THANK YOU for everything you continue to do for so many!!!!