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We could not be more excited that you’ve decided to learn what it truly means to be healthy!

Our founder knows what it takes to be healthy because she had to change her lifestyle. Carisa has lost over 75 Lb’s. She did it by changing the way she thinks while she changed the way she lived.

Most wellness programs hand you a food guide and some workouts. At Clean & Lean we understand that you are a real human with a real life that can sometimes get stressful and be full. We understand that life gets tough, and when it gets tough that’s the most difficult time to stay on track. Because we understand that it takes us changing our minds while we changing our bodies, our program works on all three. We teach you how to be confident, how to nourish your body, and how workout.

We’ve designed programs that don’t just work on the physical aspect of wellness, but the social and spiritual aspect of wellness as well. We want you to be confident and believe that you can accomplish all of your wellness goals. We want you to love yourself no matter what size pants you wear, and we want you to have the willpower to stay on track.

Even better, our programs are progressive. Long term wellness and/or weight loss doesn’t happen overnight.  When you get healthy quickly, chances are you’ll go back to your old ways just as fast. We’ve developed programs that you can you continue to learn and grow and get healthy with us so that you’ll have an opportunity to stay on track long term.

Of course we want to teach you how to eat healthy! And of course we want to teach you how to workout!. But we take it one step further and we work on the mind and the heart. We want you to believe that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to including your wellness or weight loss goals.

We think we have one of the best programs on the market and we are excited to teach you how to create long term success.

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