Tips And Tricks To Getting Fit For Free

Get Fit For Free!!!

We have so many resources at our finger tips that it really doesn’t need to cost a small fortune to get fit. Going to classes, getting a personal trainer, or paying for an online services isn’t a bad idea, but you don’t necessarily need to pay for anything in order to get fit and healthy because almost anything you want to learn about health and fitness, you can find for free online. Below I’ve just touched the surface. I wanted to give you some starting points. The key is to find what you love and switch it up if you want to. Why not! It’s free! I have 5 workouts on YouTube. You can email me and I’ll send them directly to you with the reps you should be doing based on your physical ability. Cheers to happy healthy New Year!!!!

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Tricks to getting a little workout In during the day when you just don’t have time to go to the gym.
1. Do a 10 minut workout in front of the shower before you get in. (Get a little sweaty then jump in the shower)
2. Squats while you’re blow drying your hair (I do 100 overtime I blow dry my hair)
3. Doing a workout while you’re watching TV or a movie with your family (below is a TV workout idea that I did on Fox)

Tips For A Healthy New Year
1. Get rid of your scale (Weighing yourself daily is more detrimental to achieving your goals)
2. Create goals that are unrelated to weight (Ex. I want to be able to do 4 pull-ups by the end of Feb)
3. Put your workouts on your calendar (you’ll be less likely to miss them)

Free Workouts on YouTube!
Remember, you can find just about any kind of workout for free on Youtube.
To find some of my old workouts you’ll just need to go to Youtube and search Carisa Rasmussen, contact me and I’ll send you the reps you need to do for my workouts based on your abilities. You can email me at

Here are some other great options.
1. Jillian Michaels, Banish Fat Boost Metabolism
Jillian Michaels Banish Fat Boost Matbolism site:youtube.c…
2. 7 Minute workout Full body fat burning

3. 7 Minute HIIT Cardio Workout

4. Chair Workout With Chair

10 Min Easy Workout Before The Shower Or While Watching TV

10 big sumo squats (toes pointed out, chest high, sit back like you’re sitting down on a chair)
10 little sumo squats (toes pointed out, stay low, small micro-movements up and down)
10 Leg lifts (lay on back, raise and lower legs slowly to work lower abs)
10 dips (place palms on a stable surface and bend elbows to lower yourself up and down working your triceps)
10 speed skaters (Squat with one leg bringing the opposite hand down to the floor and bring opposite leg behind the bent leg in speed skater position)