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Carisa Rasmussen has been a speaker at both national and local events. Carisa has been a Fox 9 morning show contributor since 2013. She’s known for cultivating hope and inspiration through her presentations and online course.

You’ll notice that Carisa wears a backpack in all of her presentations. She has created visuals that are relatable, tools that are attainable, and processes that are easy to understand. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll leave feeling like you have everything it takes to be your own kind of champion.

Carisa’s keynote presentations, A New Perspective On Wellness, and Creating The Winning Mindset, have been presented at many major corporations and non-profits (some are listed below).Rasmussen helps corporations, small businesses, and non-profits with team building and encouragement with her small group programs, Building Strength and Confidence & her Cooking Demonstrations. (All videos are also below)

Carisa built two successful business’ and has been a consistent Fox 9 cooking and fitness contributor since 2013. Her ambition started young when she was the highest paid female recruiter in a Minneapolis office making close to a six figure income at age 25. The first company Carisa started and currently owns, Accessible Homes builds and remodels homes for people with disabilities in both MN and western WI.  Rasmussen sees her greatest accomplishment as losing over 75 LB’s while running a million-dollar business, as a full time student, all when she was still a new Mom.  She shares that it doesn’t matter what the goal is that you want to accomplish, you’ll need the same tools to accomplish any goal.

Carisa has held pageant titles, competed at a national fitness competition and completed a half marathon. Rasmussen is the official personal trainer for Miss MN. She is a certified personal trainer, certified nutrition consultant. She has helped thousands of people create a more confident and healthy lifestyle through her online programs and motivational presentations.

Carisa has presented at these places and many more! 

















Here are some testimonials!

Holly Corbin, MN Twins Baseball (co-coordinator of event)

You did such a great job today, there are already talks of bringing you back in! Your energy and positivity made quite and impact. My favorite TC University session yet!  

Tim Demery, Jackson National Investing (coordinated the event) “She crushed it, thank you so much for your presentation today! The feedback has been incredible so far! I highly recommend Carisa for corporate or client enrichment events!” 

Amy Kerns, Tri- County Hospital (coordinator of event)

We’ve hired Carisa two years in a row because we received rave reviews.

Jenny L. Best Buy (coordinated the event)

She made us feel that changing our health is not only possible, but it doesn’t need to be complicated.

Jennifer Derham, MN YOGA + Life Magazine (coordinator of event, owner of magazine) “We were so happy to have Carisa at Yoga for our  event. Carisa was warm, authentic, funny, knowledgeable, and shared daily strategies everyone can easily implement to help lead a more inspired life. We’d definitely reach out to Carisa again for future events. 

Alisa P. Marsh and McLennan Agency LLC (coordinated the event)

We received rave reviews from our staff. When can we have her back was their main question.

Stefanie Peters, Lady Boss Empire (coordinator of the event)

I highly recommend Carisa as a speaker. She can ignite a spark in anyone. She is able to connect with an audience like no one I’ve ever met. She will help you create the winning mindset.

Chad C. Executive Director/CEO NJPA (paid for the event)

Thank you for helping us be better versions of ourselves

Speakers Reels!


Change The Story You’re Telling You’re Telling Yourself (creating the winning mindset) 

Her other keynote is about creating the winning mindset. She titles this presentation “Change The Story You’re Telling Yourself. This presentation is been very popular for corporate events that want to encourage quality sales and integrity in the workplace. This presentation is powerful and inspiring. Carisa will leave feeling like you can accomplish everything you put your mind to because you have all the tools it takes to do it.


Building Strength and Confidence

These classes are meant to be a small group team building presentations. Carisa has collaborated with massage therapy clinics, Cosmetologist, Network marketing teams, women’s church groups, pageant systems, girlfriend groups, and more. Helping these women create their own self-esteem team, confidence and the tools to start living a healthier life. This program includes a 40 min workout suitable for any fitness level and 1.5-hour presentation with time for questions at the end). Your team will be more confident, and your book of business will grow. The best part is that you don’t have to pay a penny for this program.



Cooking healthy food should be fun and tasty!!! Carisa will share some of her favorite recipes with your team. She’ll share some of the recipes she shared on the Fox 9 morning show!!

If you’d like to book Carisa for an event please email her at CleanAndLean@Outlook.Com

Please put the dates for your event in the body of the email.